4. The Last Half Century of Chinese Overseas, edited by Elizabeth Sinn. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 1998, pp. 508

This book is an anthology of select papers presented at .The Last Half Century of Chinese Overseas: Comparative Perspectives・ second ISSCO international Conference held from 19 to 21 December 1994, in Hong Kong.

The conference, hosted by the University of Hong Kong, was the spiritual successor of an earlier conference, the .Loudi Shenggen: The Legal, Political and Economic Status of Chinese in the Diaspora・ conference held in 1992 in San Francisco.

The papers collected in this anthology look at Chinese overseas residing in five continents in the half century after the Second World War from many new perspectives. Some papers raise questions about the Chinese diaspora on broad conceptual terms, and inquire into the meaning of .being Chinese・ outside China. Other papers examine their lives in local communities, analyzing how historical and contemporary circumstances affect their lives and the ways they negotiate their identity in the host country.

In-depth case studies further bring out the complexity of the subject by identifying the range of variables, including the social, economic, political and cultural characteristics of the places of origin and destinations, as well as emigration and immigration policies, which affect the patterns of migration and the nature of settlement in any place at any time. This is especially highlighted in chapters using a comparative approach. With scholars from different disciplines, using different types of data, methodologies and theoretical tools, the richness of the subject matter becomes apparent.


1. Introduction: Migration and New National Identities V Wang Gungwu

Part 1: Overview

2. Upgrading the Migrant: Neither Huaquiao nor Huaren V Wang Gungwu
3. Groundlessness and Utopia: the Chinese Diaspora and Territory V Emmanuel Ma Mung
4. The Xiao Yucan Principle and its Historical Destiny V Zhou Nanjing

Part 2: Identity and Ethnicity

5. Preserving Bukit China: the Cultural Politics of Landscape Interpretation in Melaka・s Chinese Cemetery V Carolyn L. Cartier
6. Representations of .the Chinese・ and .Ethnicity・ in British Racial Discourse V Suk-Tak Tam
7. Emerging British Chinese Identities: Issues and Problems V David Parker
8. Integration or Segregation: The Dutch and South African Chinese compared V Karen L. Harris and Frank N. Pieke

Part 3: The Diaspora in Europe

9. Chinese Immigrants in Denmark after 1949: Immigration Patterns and Development V Mette Thuno
10. Living Among Three Walls? The Peranakan Chinese in the Netherlands V Li Minghuan
11. The Chinese and Chinese Districts in Paris V Michelle Guillon

Part 4: The Asia Pacific Front

12. Becoming .Chinese Canadian・: The Genesis of a Cultural Category V Wing Chung Ng
13. Political Participation amongst Chinese Canadians: The Road to the 1993 Election V Diana Lary
14. The Chinese and their Chinese Community in Kobe V Yasui Sankichi
15. The Indigenization of Overseas Chinese in Japan as seen from the Indigenization of their Education V Zhu Huiling
16. The Changing Pattern of the Vietnamese Chinese Economy, 1975-1993 V Huang Xiaojian

Part 5: New Focus on Australia

17. Astronauts Families and Parachute Children: Hong Kong Immigrants in Australia V Rogelia Pe-Pua, Colleen Mitchell, Stephen Castles and Robyn Iredale
18. The Changing Characteristics of Chinese Migrants to Australia During the 1980s and Early 1990s V James E. Coughlan
19. Gold Mountains No More: Impressions of Australian Society Among Recent Asian Immigrants V David F. Ip, Chung-Tong Wu and Christine Inglis

Part 6: Chinese Overseas in Comparative Perspectives

20. Chinese Immigration to Australia and South Africa: a Comparative Analysis of Legislative Control V Karren L. Harris and Jan Ryan
21. Settlement Experiences of Recent Chinese Immigrants in Australia: A Comparison of Settlers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China V Chung-Tong Wu, David F. Ip, Christine Inglis, Ikuo Kawakami and Karel Duivenvoorden

Part 7: Ethnicity, Religion and Communal Development and Qiaoxiang: Chinese Overseas and the Home Village

22. The Role of the True Jesus Church in the Communal Development of the Chinese People in Elgin, Scotland V Garland Liu
23. The Migration of Minorities in Modern China V Tan Tianxing
24. Report of Fieldwork on the Returned Overseas Chinese of South Korea in Rizhao City, Shandong Province V Chao Zhongchen
25. Emigration of Hakka from China after the Second World War V Huang Jing